We are consultants with many various skills in order to meet the needs for strategy, usability, design, copy, innovation & development, e-commerce, web & mobile services

Art Direction & Copywriting

In all our projects ayond´s copywriters and art directors work along with project manager and client for creating or developing the ideas. They are responsible to simplify the messages and make them understandable to the recipient as well as to create a design that appeals to both audiences and reinforce the company’s brand and product. ayonds creative team is award winning and is a great resource for our customers.

Front end

Our talented front end developers always combine the latest technology with proven methods. For us it is important to provide responsive designs that allow all content to be available on both mobile phones as well as the largest high-resolution screens. The responsive way of thinking is thoroughly established in the front end team at ayond.

All development is based on Photoshop or Illustrator drawings provided by the customer or created by our designers in close collaboration with the customer. When working agile we involve the customer from planning to deployment, and are always able to create sites with pixel perfection according to changing demands.

All projects are carefully tested to ensure that the designs are supported in different browsers and versions. We use HTML 5, CSS 3 and ajax, but plan for how to fall back for older systems not supporting the lastest technology. We have expertise in animation and video production, as well as structuring design implementations for flexible and extendable solutions. Ayond projects use various content management systems such as EPiServer, WordPress, Drupal and SilverStripe, as well as work stand alone.

We can do web sites from your ideas and we can reshape your current web site in ways you thought was not possible, enabling the latest technology and supporting a wide range of platforms and visitors.


Innovation Management

Innovation management involves the ways in which a company encourages, channels and exploits the innovative power of is employees.

As the world changes in an ever faster pace, invention is pivotal to maintain a sustainable and competitive business. Companies needs to reinvent not only products, offerings and services, but also business models and sales channels. As pointed out by Lean Start-Up an others, invention is not something a company does once in a while, but must be a core part of its operations on all levels. That is, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial incentives and processes of change, need to be parts of the corporate culture. This applies not only to new start-ups but applies equally well to established businesses.

There are several methods or tools in order for a company to stay inventive:

  • Incentives programs
  • Regular innovation sessions with employees
  • Dedicated office spaces and office walls for innovation presentations and brainstorming
  • Innovation boards and phase-gate-models
  • Programs to allow employees to refine promising business ideas during working hours
  • Promote risk-taking among employees by sharing risk and revenue potential
  • Shorten product development and release cycles to promote a release-and-learn culture in the company
  • Creating lab- and beta-environments in which early phase products can be tried out on real customers (early adopters)
  • Promoting inventive employees internally in the company


Project management

The competitive landscape of today forces every organisation to improve their performance everyday and the days to come. Our high performing project management consultants helps our client with implementation of new and changed business strategies, project models and applications management.

ayonds project managers leads our own and can act as our clients system development project and always in an agile way. ayond´s consultants can shoulder roles as Change Managers, Product Owners. Requirement managers and Project/Product Managers to lead or enhance our clients team to their performance efforts. ayond is committed to secure that business objectives and goals always will be reached.



ayond brings extraordinary skills in strategy from our extensive experience in developing new business opportunities and with managing changes in an existing business. Our objective is always to deliver a hands-on strategy with distinct goals and activities that our clients can implement directly, themselves our together with ayond. ayond´s strategy model, DDES, (Define, Decide, Execute and Secure) sets a clear view of what to expect with our assignment & deliveries. We are especially targeting strategy for our clients digital business, i.e strategies for web, mobile and social media.

When targeting strategy for e-commerce we always have a broad perspective, and integrate ERP, Supply Chain, PoS, campaign, member management, SEO, payment solution, branding and web interaction in our analysis. It´s not all about the e-commerce website, the key is to fully understand the whole picture to get successful in your e-commerce investment!
When implementing a new innovation strategy ayond brings a exceptional knowledge of managing innovation processes and methods to implement a innovation strategy that has a proven track record.

In all our strategy assignments we use standardised strategy methods and accelerating tools such as Business Model Generation to visualise business models and OGSM to visualise Objectives, Goals , Strategy and Metrics. ayond has an agile approach also in our strategy model. We therefore engage participants in iterative workshops to visualise and establish the new strategy within our clients domain.


System development

ayond walks the talk when developing with an agile approach and our excellent developers have extensive knowledge and experience in methods such as Scrum. We will therefore work closely together with the product owner, our interaction designers and the scrum master. Either it is a mobile or web application project, or both, our developers will bring in-depth skills in arhitecture, mobile and web development. To mention a few, we develop in Ruby, .NET, Java, HTML5, Objective C (iPhone), Java (Android). Today’s test driven development give an extra component into the development model that ayond is well accustomed to.

Application management is seamlessly integrated in our development projects and ayond is ready to take the full responsibility to support and maintain as well as host solutions efficiently. The backlog used in the development project will be managed by ayond´s support team and the prioritisation and new demands will be added in the backlog.


User Experience

User experience involves a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service. This includes emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physical and psychological responses, behaviors and accomplishments that occur before, during and after use.

User experience is an increasingly crucial driver for consumers when selecting a product or service. By optimizing user experience of its products or communication channels, a company can stay competitive and maintain a sustainable business.

In the realm of web and mobile – which is ayond’s focus – we optimize the digital experience on various levels:

  • Identifying target groups and their needs and pains
  • Matching target groups needs with product/service/website features
  • Information architecture and navigation
  • On-site search
  • Interaction design
  • Minimize pains in system interdependencies (e.g. by promoting single sign-on)
  • Page layouts
  • Graphical design