New web for Agilokliniken.

Agilokliniken is Stockholms most recommended naprapat clinic, with four locations in Stockholm area. They offer a wide variety of treatments, always aiming to be in edge when it comes to new technology.

We had a few, but very clear focus points when moving forward with the design of Agilokliniken’s website. One of these was increasing the number of bookings coming from their website. We wanted to make it easier for the user to find the booking-page and also get started on a booking faster.

Another focus point was to make a web that also could be used as a helpful source of information, for everyone who need help. By providing the user with a lot of information about different treatments and symptoms, Agilokliniken shows not only their generosity and skills, they also increased client reservations.

Since Agilokliniken is the highest rating naprapat clinics in the Stockholm area according to, we also wanted to include reviews and recommandations from real people who visit the different clinics. By providing the user with this information early on, they will feel more comfortable making a reservation.

Working with Agilokliniken on their new web has been rewarding for both parties. We have worked a lot with Search Engine Optimizing together with the client, which will give us important SEO feedback in the further work

We hope to keep on working with Agilokliniken and continue to develop their new website. We wish them the best of luck in their mission to get Stockholmers back on track!

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