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Charge & Drive

The first release in the Charge & Drive project will be a mobile web application where electric car owners can find charging posts on a map. Our work will also involve the user interface of a user portal which will be released at a later stage. ayond will be doing graphic design, user experience and GUI development.

We are working together with our partner Info24. They are delivering tingco which is the market leading business system that help authorities and companies to benefit from taking physical products and resources online, create new revenue streams, lower production costs and increase customer loyalty with tingco.

Fortum Charge & Drive is a turnkey solution where Fortum takes care of the installation, electricity, maintenance and fault service of its customer’s charging station. Charging stations with a lock can be installed in indoor and outdoor facilities, and they communicate through GPRS and 3G. The charging stations are conveniently locked and unlocked with a mobile phone. Charge & Drive has already been introduced in Finland, Sweden and Norway, and it will soon also be introduced in the Baltics. Today Fortum has more than 100 public charging stations in Scandinavia.

The goal of Fortum’s new services and solutions related to electric vehicles is to make it as easy as possible to introduce environmentally sound vehicles. Fortum is preparing for the extensive introduction of electric vehicles by designing and implementing the charging station network and the payment system.

"Our work together with Fortum and Info24 is very interesting and innovative. Entering the field of "Internet of Things" is exciting, and knowing that the service is a big step for Sweden to become less dependent of CO2 makes it even more fun."Fredrik AldegrenHead of Sales at ayond
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