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Charge & Drive 2.0

A new version of Fortums Charge & Drive app has been released. The design and UX concept has been updated giving the app a set of new features. The mobile web app allows the users to pay for charging their cars directly in the app, with or without creating an account. If you choose to create an account however, you can store all of your preferences including your favorite filters, showing only relevant charging posts for your specific car and position. Another feature is unique URL’s for specific cars, which means that following a specific link for Tesla car owners takes you directly to a preset filter that suits your car. This makes finding the right charging post fast and easy.

Since there are many different kinds of charging posts, some are more easy to use than others. One specific charging post has shown to be very difficult to operate and only one third succeeds in using them on the first try. Even though you would want to redesign the whole charging post, it was of course not an option. Instead we launched simplified instructions based on charging post model that appears when you initiate a charge.

One thing that has made this project a success, and also a lot of fun, is the state of the art Internet of things API provided by Info24 via their product Tingco. They are responsible for connecting the charging posts to the cloud, making it possible to communicate with them in a wide variety of ways. This really opens up for creative thinking.

Working creatively is also something embraced by Fortum’s department for new solutions and services that leads the Charge & Drive project. We have been collaborating with the UX concept and design just as we like it, with fast iterations and open discussions.

The app support multi languages and is released in the Nordics to start with. If you open the app you see clearly that Norway is leading the adaption towards using more electric cars, in the Nordics but also in the world. They have broken the circle of people not wanting to buy electric cars if there are not any charging posts, and on the other side not many are ready to invest in charging post infrastructure if there are not any electric cars. Their solution is massive subventions for electric car buyers along with no tolls and free use of bus lanes.

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