Today solutions, as nearly everything you see needs to be easy-to-use to appeal the user. Combine that with great design, advanced technology knowledge and a intelligent business approach you pretty much grasp what ayond is all about!

This is ayond

When we started ayond we wanted to create a company that delivered solutions that enhance the clients business thru the use of smart technology and good design & usability. Today solutions, as nearly everything you see needs to be easy-to-use and a have graphical design that appeals to the user. Combine that with great technology knowledge and a business approach you pretty much grasp what ayond is all about!

Key trends that we identified when starting ayond were:

The real Internet is here!

We had all been through the Internet hype in 2000 and realized that now is the time to exploit the possibilities that the Internet gives you today. Web, mobility, social media together with the cloud possibilities gives us great opportunity to develop and deliver application in a totally different way than before.

The market has changed!

We had been working in the professional service industry since the 90´s. We have seen the market for suppliers changing from project deliveries turning into a rather boring “resource delivery” market. We were searching for a new type of ” innovative project driven supplier” and were noticing a trend towards cloud based application that will change the client behaviour towards suppliers that could deliver creative solutions instead of resources.

Innovation is key!

We were also longing for a new innovative company culture based on creativity, innovation and freedom for all employees to develop new skills together with a competent and driven team. The new “cloud” era makes its possible to launch new apps, webservices, webapplication without high start-up costs. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and a innovative mind.
We wanted a company that opens up for all employees to create new business ideas in the ayond framework. We have created the ayond innovation process that supports new ideas and makes innovation a natural part of our company culture. That gives us an unique and competitive edge in the market of today.

Culture is everything!

We wanted a strong company culture in ayond and believes it is the most essential task when creating a solid company. When we started ayond we defined our values that we live by every day: The ayond company: Open minded company Combining strategy & technology Everything can be improved everyday Innovation is key Freedom and responsibility.

The ayond employee:

  • Wants to make an impact and difference
  • Knows that knowledge sharing is essential
  • Wants to work in team and projects
  • Embrace change
  • Has a service minded attitude
  • Puts the client in focus
 Innovative and willing to learn and improve his/hers skillset


We have just started our journey with ayond and many changes will be seen in the company in the next coming years. Our commitment, values and foundation we build ayond on will surely help us create a company that will be ambitious, innovative and open minded in the future as well.